Make a Try

Make love not war. 
Make hearts flutter not sore. 
Make my day again once more. 
Just before I close the door.

Make an effort not acknowledged. 
Make a wrong turn and burn. 
Make sure you look out for the edge. 
Simple as that you may learn.

Make nothing become something. 
But something isn't anything. 
Make certain of one thing. 
Different from everything.

Make fantasy become reality. 
Make dreams come true.
Don't just try haphazardly. 
Make sure it's good for you.

"Make it yours.
Make it mine. 
Make it ours. 
Make it fine."



"Another semester in an alien place."


Would you go out with me?

What is the concept of a date? One and another meeting up? Among lovers? Among friends?  To me it is just a promise. An agreed appointment to come into ones presence. It doesn't really matter what the intentions are but frequently, the term 'date' will bring about a specific connotation which concerns love and affection. Basically the typical and more common use of the word. In turn, we forget, and take to thought that having a date with a certain person may or may not bring much meaning. So what is a date exactly? Much more can be discussed, but I shall leave it to you to figure it out. 

"You  gave me such a wonderful time."


"He loves me. He loves me not."

It's clear that women only 'talk' to people they like. Same goes to the men. Similarly, when it concerns someone we like, or a crush. Even if the other person doesn't really show interest, we tend to hope for more. Likewise, when we don't show interest but the other still lingers, we notice that they are attracted to us. Attraction or being attracted to someone means having interest. Having interest in someone whether it is replied may or may not spark feelings and expression.  Thus, the law of attraction?

"Is everything really the way it seems? 
Is everything alright? 
Who knows. 
We ain't psychics. 
We ain't superhuman."



The moon shines so bright. 
The black sky so clear. 
You can see twinkling starlight. 
Silent serenity too, you can hear.

The dark hue of this night.
Not much different from any other.
Change methinks, there is a slight.
From yesternight, before and after.

The blind flying fox flies.
Cleverly weaving through your darkness.
Like eagles soaring high above.
With perfect vision and calmness.

With every day, you show up later.
You may come, you may go.
But you will come again no matter.
Not again today, but surely tomorrow.

"..but tonight I'm lovin' you..."