Sonnet 2 (In The End)

To the ends of the world I go, to seek,
To seek that I have been looking for,
To the ends of the Earth I go, too bleak,
To find nothing but oblivion, nothing more,
How now, I frown liketh a sultry clown,
With the cloth that sheaths my body, I run myself down,
In the end, what is left for me in this world,
That is nothing more, that is nothing less of what I should,
Change thy notions about all men being hungry hounds,
The notion that is; looking for bitches all around,
Change thy belt from lust to chastity,
Soon thou wilt know how men treat loyalty,
And finally in the end, what is there left for me,
Nothing more, nothing less than what could be.

"..because nothing else matters.."