Last Kiss

When I woke up the rain was pouring down.
There were people standing all around.
Something warm flowing through my eyes.
But somehow I found my baby that night.

I lifted her head, she looked at me and said,
"Hold me darling, just a little while."
I held her close, I kissed her our last kiss.
I found the love that I knew I had missed.

"Oh where, oh where could my baby be?"



I hate you, heart. 
I hate you for your everlasting hopefulness. 
You ain't hopeless. 
But the irony is that you are.

"In reality, 
hope is the worst of all evils, 
because it prolongs man's torments.  
- Friedrich Nietzsche"



I suddenly feel that Jessie J is so cute and adorable. She's got her own style and works it. Others would look like sleazy sluts but not her I guess. Check out this video and see if you agree with me. My favourite would be the one-piece suit. To me, its cute!

This is the one-piece suit i was talking about. cute ain't it? XD

"Make this dream the best I've ever known."

Pumped Up Kicks (DUBSTEP)

"This guy is so pumped, it's like he has pumping hydraulics instead of muscle and bone."


Move On Bitch!

Moving on ain't easy,
it makes you kinda queasy,
sometimes, even a little bit silly,
you may say I'll be but a minute,
but how long really is you jiffy?

Taking a long time to digest,
and yet so quick to infest,
the night that the moon is blue crest,
you put your head on my chest,
as i unbutton my vest,
we shall float off into a rest.

Just as i make a move,
just as i start to groove,
showing my swagger,
you start to stagger,
making no mistake,
I sense everything gets darker.

Time goes by,
several moons turn into a year,
my mind wanders,
but my body remains here,
my mind is trying to forget you,
but my heart is anchored.

Moving on ain't easy,
this I tell you seriously,
this I tell you frankly,
never turns out lovely,
instead, a scribble so messy.