Move On Bitch!

Moving on ain't easy,
it makes you kinda queasy,
sometimes, even a little bit silly,
you may say I'll be but a minute,
but how long really is you jiffy?

Taking a long time to digest,
and yet so quick to infest,
the night that the moon is blue crest,
you put your head on my chest,
as i unbutton my vest,
we shall float off into a rest.

Just as i make a move,
just as i start to groove,
showing my swagger,
you start to stagger,
making no mistake,
I sense everything gets darker.

Time goes by,
several moons turn into a year,
my mind wanders,
but my body remains here,
my mind is trying to forget you,
but my heart is anchored.

Moving on ain't easy,
this I tell you seriously,
this I tell you frankly,
never turns out lovely,
instead, a scribble so messy.

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