Luna's Light

In some quiet fight,
One can see this light,
Shining oh so bright,
Behold a magnificent sight,
Cast of in skies height,
Oh how one try as he might,
With heart of hope a slight,
One clenches it so tight,
Then bring it up into flight,
Not knowing what's right,
To shine in much delight,
It goes on every night.

"...goodnight Eleanor."


When and Then.

When I fell, I was scared,
When I knew, I was unprepared,
Then I fall, nothing spared,
Then I knew, someone cared.

When I rise, I am brave,
When I know, I am saved,
Then I rise, up from the grave,
Then I know, to catch the wave.

When I feel, I can soar,
When I hope, for a score,
Then I feel, my inner roar,
Then I hope, for something more.

"...I think I might like you, very much."



Coffee and Tea

At a place that is new,
Only seen and been by few,
It sort of looked a skew,
Nothing like any morning dew.

Coffee and tea they brew,
Only pies and brownies, no stew,
I could feel my heart, it grew,
When and then I saw you.

An order or two I threw,
While I saw many did too,
Cupids arrow did flew,
This is for sure, I knew.

As the sky began to change hue,
From light sky to dark blue,
This angel distracted my view,
And from that moment I knew.

I hoped I know what I knew,
Whether this would be true,
But I don't have a clue,
How about you?

"...I found my inspiration again."