Coffee and Tea

At a place that is new,
Only seen and been by few,
It sort of looked a skew,
Nothing like any morning dew.

Coffee and tea they brew,
Only pies and brownies, no stew,
I could feel my heart, it grew,
When and then I saw you.

An order or two I threw,
While I saw many did too,
Cupids arrow did flew,
This is for sure, I knew.

As the sky began to change hue,
From light sky to dark blue,
This angel distracted my view,
And from that moment I knew.

I hoped I know what I knew,
Whether this would be true,
But I don't have a clue,
How about you?

"...I found my inspiration again."


  1. That's a lovely and beautiful poem. It sounds very rhythmic. I also make such poems in my leisure time. I hope I could make that big to share with others as you did. Good work, Harish.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

    1. Hello Finn Felton. I never knew I have admirers for my work. :D This is actually a blog created out of inspiration. Note that, inspiration meaning, only when I have someone on my mind. Thanks a bunch for your support and I shall do the same for you! :)

      Best wishes,
      From the Cowardly Lion, that is Harish Mustak