The Dating Game

Feel and experience the shame,
when you're the only one who think it's lame,
whether or not you and I are the same,
its not written in the rules of the game.

I don't try to be no nosey Parker,
stirring up my moves like Jagger,
having no intentions whatsoever,
to impress you with my alternate other.

No you don't ever try,
to think of me being ever so sly,
why not you make kites fly,
or better yet, lay down and cry.

No you don't ever be coy,
would you go for a man or a boy,
maybe neither because you're dating Joy,
no matter the reason, just deploy.

Make you pick before it's too late,
you'd settle down or mingle for a date,
you'd rather be experienced or have a clean slate,
determined by the norms or by your own fate.

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