Happy Calamity

The calamities that come is almost at win at turning worms meat of my body.
No matter no worries as within the shadow that veils there lies sparks of joy.
Even as a whisper, the gayest laughters are heard out loud.
Even an explosion of cries are made oblivious as winds of change.
Oh the atrocious woes that come and come and come again.
Oh why not colourful woos come more than these insolent foes of naked eyes.
Come what may as I do not deter from the sadness that occur.
Out from this contest shall rise a champion like a phoenix reborn.
Heart bruised and battered but fantastically strongly mattered.
From the twinkle and glimpses of delight shall return the enemy of shadows.
For you nor I can fight the light that accompanies a cupid-etched smile.
Out of catastrophe and not known by many, this is a happy calamity.

"you had me at hello."

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