Ecstasy Au Natural

"I'm John."
"I'm Jane."
"Um...nice to meet you."
"Um...see you later?"

We all have experienced this conversation. especially when that one time, one may lay ones eyes on someone from the opposite gender, whom might just spark something in ones little heart. Racing and pacing itself, ones heart suddenly has a mind of its own. Oblivious to the logic coming from the original state of mind that one has programmed in ones brain. Then abruptly, hormones and adrenaline start pumping and coursing through ones veins, enhancing ones sense, specifically the reproductive system. Then a conflict of interest arises, whether to love or to lust on the sight of serenity that had just been imprinted in all corners of the brain, with influence of the heart, and with aid of ones photographic memory. The basic process of a relationship start just as the conversation above progresses. From unknowns, one may discover paths and solutions that bring either happiness and joy or sadness and despair. Liking, admiring, crushing, adoring, befriending, loving, these are all labels one may put on a certain relation that sometimes one may not even know the specific status or state the relationship is in. Counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, days and so forth, one further may fog ones mind with emotions and expressions mainly coming from the heart, putting aside logic and reason. Forgetting how to think and sharpening ones love for love, in a way polluting ones own body with unnecessary drugs of ecstasy. When will one ever notice? When will one ever realize? Not to leave out an essential part that can be the glue or the very thing that breaks the relationship apart, hope. Hope can make one stronger and the other way around. An unnoticed vice that many encounter and perform without realizing that one has delved in too far. Too far to climb back to that very edge of the cliff that one has jumped from. But oh well, we are all human after all, why bother discussing all this when one can just break all the rules and still flourish in this hidden deadly sin. So I say, good luck, good luck to all who venture in this path, whether to love or to lust, that is your choice.

"...marijuana? It is not a drug, it is a herb. And like many herbs, it is good for you."

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