Wandering Wonders

Depending on the religion
faith is belief in a single god 
or multiple gods 
or in the doctrines 
or teachings of the religion. 
Informal usage of faith 
can be quite broad, 
including trust 
or belief without proof, 
and "faith" is often used 
as a substitute 
for "hope", "trust" or "belief".

Does anyone ever wonder why, why are converts, or in other words, one whom is newly embracing a different religion, so significantly pious compared to the ones who are born from the religion?

A simple seed of a question which germinated in my mind just now. Letting it simmer in logic and reason, with a little dash of faith and belief, I came to a conclusion with a theory of mine. Maybe, these converts are far more pious and righteous compared to the original believers because they are genuinely enlightened by the true word God. In contrary to the latter, people who are born into their religions are considerably less pious. Before anyone is sparked by my remarks, either in a positive way or not, hold your horses and hear me out. Why have I suggested this idea? Well, to me, the majority of converts choose their new religion because the claim to have found enlightenment or a better cause to their life. a sense of belonging and something to finally believe in is also part of the reason. But still, why are they more pious? If I were to find my path to enlightenment, surely I'd be more pious and my beliefs would be so much stronger. I am not saying that I don't believe in my God and religion but I'm just curious of why, why I am less pious compared to converts. Being born into a particular religion does not mean that you are happy with it. Some may stay and continue practicing but some might leave and find peace and serenity elsewhere. The majority who are born in their religion only practice it because it is the way their culture has been living out their lives for some time now. Trying to believe in something with an empty heart and being bombarded with ideas and doctrines from other causes is not easy. Further more, lambasted by scientific and technological advances that further provoke logic and reason. Nevertheless, there are still some who are born in the religion and still pious and converts who are less. No matter how it goes, it is still in the individual hands. or more likely, their hearts and minds.

"At least believe in something rather than nothing.
At least come towards the light rather than sit in darkness."


  1. I think it's because of one's curiosity. When one is, he tends to question a lot and quickly seek for an answer as they need to get out of the darkness as soon as possible.

    When their curiosity is fed, only then they live with a deeper understanding, thus their heart is calm and serene and there will be no more questions.

    While people like us take things for granted and it's a common thing as we are born or grow with something, we forget to look upon its true meaning. We don't go into depth, as we think we are content with what we what so what for.